Do Not Use Amazon Prime To Send Bottled Water To Flint

Do Not Use Amazon Prime to Send Bottled Water to Flint

Michael Moore says don't send bottled water to Flint. The group that pushed to have Flint's water tested in the first place says don't send bottled water to Flint. But still, people are using their Amazon Prime accounts to send pallets of bottled water to Flint. Don't do this.

In addition to corporations who are trucking their own brands of water to Flint, a handful of celebrities have pledged over a million bottles of water already. This is great for short-term emergency needs. But anything more than that is throwing disposable plastic at a problem that needs long-term solutions.

As Moore so eloquently put it last night, the goal is not for the residents of Flint to be living on donated bottled water a year from now. They should be drinking their own clean, safe tap water. He recommends signing his petition to get a groundswell of international support for more serious reforms.

OK, so you've done that, but you still want to help? Here's the State of Michigan's official response site, where it suggests donating to one of four nonprofits. Although there are guidelines for donating water, why not donate directly to Catholic Charities Center for Hope, the nonprofit that's handling the donations, and let them decide how the money is best allocated?

Or help the group behind the federal lawsuit that wants to have all Flint's lead service lines replaced. Water You Fighting For is a local group headed by Flint mum Melissa Mays. It's accepting donations that will help push for more infrastructural improvements.

Or support science! Donate to help the research team that's been appointed to test and study Flint's water. An independent group from Virginia Tech scientists are working with the state to ensure that the city's water is safe and that the state is taking the proper measures (like fixing pipes) so this doesn't happen again.

And if you're really itching to use that Amazon Prime account, what do people in Flint really want? They want filters. There are plenty of certified filters which will provide safe drinking water for residents now and for years to come. Here's an wish list of filtering devices from Salem Lutheran Church which you can send directly to Flint residents and help rebuild their future.

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    For those that have no idea what this is about, Flint, Michigan changed its water supply to pull drinking water from the Flint river instead of recycled water from Lake Huron which is fed by the Detroit sewage treatment plant. The problem is that the river water is more acidic and saline than previously, which caused corrosion of the phosphate coating on the lead pipes that are used to deliver most of the water in the town, exposing the lead and leading to thousands of children being diagnosed with lead poisoning. It's also been implicated in an outbreak of legionnaire's disease.

    They swapped back to Detroit water in October and started adding phosphates into the water to try and replenish the protective coating, but it'll take time. At the start of the year, Obama declared a state of emergency in the town and the EPA took over monitoring the water quality a week or two ago, but the recommendation is for people to use filters and drink bottled water for the time being, which is why you have celebrities and such pledging to send lots of bottled water there.

    But what is Jackie Moon's response to the current issues? Surely as Flint's biggest home grown celeb he has an opinion on this!?!?!

      Flint Michigan Megabowl. Flint Michigan megabowl. Flint Michigan megabowl.

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