Dick Smith Closing Down Sale: The Full List Of Deals [Updated]

Dick Smith is officially closing the doors on all stores across Australia and New Zealand. The electronics chain needs to get rid of all its existing stock and is hosting a fire sale today. Here are the discounts you can expect to find for HD TVs, smartphones, drones, laptops, DSLR cameras, games consoles, headphones and Apple products.

[Update: Our friends at Lifehacker have received a list from a Dick Smith manager detailing more than 100 deals from the sale. Check it out here!]

Photo: OzBargain

We've already put together a guide on the ins-and-outs of how the Dick Smith sale is going to work. Here's a breakdown of the discounts that have been spotted by OzBargain contributors:

  • Apple products, including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch: 5%
  • Apple cables: 30%
  • Game consoles and games: 20%
  • All TVs: 20%
  • Samsung phones, tablets and TVs: 20%
  • All smartphones (excluding iPhone): 20%
  • Laptops: 20%
  • Microsoft, including Surface products: 20%
  • Drones: 20%
  • DSLR cameras: 20%
  • Headphones, including Beats: 30%
  • Bose: 10% off

Bear in mind that Dick Smith employees won't be able to hold items for you even if you ask them to over the phone. You might want to pop by one of its local stores to check out the deals yourself and see if there's anything on sale that tickles your fancy.

We'll be updating the list periodically as more discounts become available and prices continue to drop in the days ahead!

Dick Smith went into voluntary administration in January and failed to find a suitable buyer for the whole business. It's a sad way to go for one of Australia's most iconic businesses. The only upside is consumers will get some good discounts out of this.

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    Just don't buy a dick smith branded product. No warranty there.

    The closing down sale prices don't look much different to the usual "sale" prices. Tight til the very end!

    Goodbye Dick Smith *FLUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSH*

      5% off Apple products - when they regularly have 10% off sales? Yeah, huge savings there.

        Perfect time to buy a gold Macbook Air since they're in store display demo only haha.

    Wow.. 5% off apple.. quick I better get there NOW!...... Not!

    Pay the same Dick Smith prices you know and love, now with 100% less after-sales service and warranty support! But hurry, this offer can't last forever!

    They're not going to give deep discounts now. They have to maximize cash in order to pay staff (with outstanding benefits) and pay-off creditors. Not mention the liquidator fees. They'll gradually increase the discounts, until the last week, and then it's all off to the auction houses to sell by the pallet whatever is left. So the discount sweet spot is there somewhere, you just have to look out for it.

      So we should keep an eye on grays online in about two months then?

    I bet Jb-Hifi would happily match any of these prices.

      I'd imagine they already have a memo out telling all staff not to match Dick Smith pricing.

        JB already have better prices and service than DS

          I went in today, saw a Sony Mini Muteki system on sale in DSE... for 389, about 10 dollars less than MSRP.

          Meanwhile, JB Hi-fi across the shopping centre has the same system as a catalogue special... for 189 dollars. Went in, and there was a dozen piled up, so it's not like they were running out the door. (For the record, I didn't buy one. I considered it, but after a good long listen to one, it was too bass-heavy for my taste - good sound, just not right for me.)

            Just a glance at the Muteki system should've been enough to know that it shouldn't be bought by anyone, ever...

      I bet they'll match these prices. In a week or two when they properly fire sale they'll refuse.

    I went in just passed 9am.. Worst. Sale. Ever

    They only had 20% off signs at my local and none of the apple branded cables are marked down in store or online. I also overheard them tell a couple of customers no additional discount for store displays. When they're only 20% off why would you bother?

    DSE, you will be missed by me and all the nerds of the 80's Where else could we buy a mixed bag of resistors or capacitors, or IC chips. When I needed a single 47K resistor to complete my circuit DSE had them in stock, plus tiny screwdrivers, and Electronic kits to control my model railway. I build myself much stuff from DSE kits. All usefull.

    I taught myself electronics with a leg up from DSE kits, went on to Uni. went to teaching, thanks to DSE.

      It's part of what killed them in the end. They swapped over to being a complete consumer electronics store, except with shit prices and worse sales.

      I agree.. I loved the Dick Smith of the late 80's and early 90's... those electronics kits were awesome! I still have a few of them in storage.

    I went into the local DSE today, then I remembered why I never bothered with them after I bought my TV from them, they just lack worthy products and stopped selling a lot of brand name stuff here in favour of their own brand. So eh.

    I went in there to look at the Samsung monitors... did a price check and JB were STILL cheaper, even after the discount!

    I am surprised that people are surprised.

    Same thing always happens. The receivers know there is going to be media coverage about the closing down sale and people are going to rush in. You want that first wave paying as much as possible.

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