Chaotic Dust Storm Turns Out To Be A Massive Flock Of 70,000 Birds

Chaotic Dust Storm Turns Out to Be a Massive Flock of 70,000 Birds

Video: That anxious feeling of parking a freshly washed car under a tree full of birds would become genuine terror if you were to drive anywhere near this massive flock of over 70,000 Starlings. This startling footage was captured by the BBC, which points out that the correct term for a massive gathering like this is a murmuration — not a nightmare, as we would have assumed.

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    I've seen bats do that too in Sarawak, Malaysia, near the Mulu caves. And I believe it happens with bats around Carlsbad Caverns in the US as well.

    Man, that's so trippy. Why does it look like they move like ocean waves?

      This is because each bird copies its neighbour's movements after a small delay, causing a wave-like effect at each consecutive step. However, each bird introduces slight differences in its movements, adding more randomness at each step making it appear more natural.

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