Captain Hera's Daddy Issues Are Revealed On Star Wars Rebels

Captain Hera's Daddy Issues Are Revealed on Star Wars Rebels

"Homecoming", the latest episode of Star Wars Rebels, continued the series' exploration of the team's past. Recently we learned about the upbringings of Zeb and Sabine, and now everyone's favourite Twi'lek pilot Hera was at the forefront. You see, Hera became the amazing leader and fighter she is in part because her father, Cham Syndulla, cared more about his planet of Ryloth than his family. Here are two clips expanding on that, including one of Kanan being adorably nervous to meet Hera's father.

What's also great about these clips is that we learn more about the role the Twi'lek have playing in the various "Star Wars" — The Clone Wars, the Empire versus the Rebellion and so on. All in all, another fun, history-filled episode of Star Wars Rebels.

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