Bus Explosion Scares Londoners Who Don't Know It's A Movie Stunt

Bus Explosion Scares Londoners Who Don't Know It's a Movie Stunt

Yesterday Londoners got a fright when they saw a double-decker bus explode on a bridge over the Thames River. Some people immediately thought it was a terrorist attack. Thankfully it was just a scene for a new movie starring Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan. Production crews attempted to give some residents in the area warning that they were filming a movie, titled The Foreigner. But some people took to social media to complain that there weren't adequate procedures in place to let everyone know that this was all a movie stunt.

The visibility of this bridge to so many people in London can make giving proper notification difficult. That being said, simply saying that a bridge will be closed arguably isn't enough warning:

When you live in a place like Los Angeles you more or less get used to streets and buildings being blocked off from the public for movie stunts. And residents are often given warning about the specific nature of the filming so that people aren't alarmed when they hear gunshots or explosions:

According to IMBD, the tagline for the film is, "The IRA took his family. The police looked the other way. Now he must get revenge." Perhaps next time the producers will think about shooting the bus scene on a studio in front of a green screen.


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    Doubles as some dodgy marketing technique no doubt.

    Actually I complained to channel Seven, because they showed the footage before explaining it was for a movie first.

      No surprises there. I try to stay away from a lot of the commercial media. It's all the rage now, they try to hook you into watching something without giving all the details. It's a sure sign to me they are struggling.

        Apart from the odd news article that I stumble across, I'm 25 months clean of commercial media inclusive of Tv, Radio and Newspaper.

        I ain't scared of anything these days.

    Also responsible for some very irresponsible click-bait on The Age home page yesterday, which "reported" Bus explodes in London (or similar) under the section for World News.

    There was more than simply just putting a sign out near the bridge. It was already on twitter, from the production crew, as well as a local MP.
    Personally I think there was plenty of notice but it's the internet these days and it's seems all people do is whinge, regardless.

      And the lightening struck last night with the resulting thunder scaring my cat. Why didn't anybody give me warning?

        Seeing a bus explode and thinking tens of people have died (as well as possibly fearing for your own life) is a tad different. Even more so if it was a child who saw it.

    Ha, love the sign in LA warning residents they might hear gunfire. Because that only happens in LA when they're filming a movie.

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