Microsoft’s Newest Windows Phone Is The Lumia 650

Microsoft’s Newest Windows Phone Is The Lumia 650

Microsoft has just gone and announced a new phone in the shape of the Lumia 650, a device it claims is “the smart choice for your business”. It might also be a smart choice for a budget phone buyer, like your probably-likely-to-accidentally-smash-their-phone kid.

The new phone bristles with the functionality that enterprise customers might like — particularly built-in apps including Office and OneDrive. But users might think differently: While it looks neat enough, with its 5-inch AMOLED display and aluminium casing, inside there’s just a Snapdragon 212 chipset to keep things moving.

That means that many of the features included in modern Windows phones — like Continuum — aren’t supported. Windows Phone does run extremely smoothly on low-powered devices, though, so we’re not worried about its everyday performance credentials.

Australian pricing for the Lumia 650 will be shared soon, as will a local release date.

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