Apple Will Probably Reveal The iPhone 5se And iPad Air 3 On March 15

Apple Will Probably Reveal New Products at March 15 Event

Apple is almost ready to talk about its first product event of the year. Two independent reports claim that the company will have a special media event on March 15. A budget iPhone, an iPad Air 3, and a Watch update will likely be the stars of the show.

9to5 Mac reporter Marc Gurman and Buzzfeed's John Paczkowski, both of whom have excellent track records with these kinds of rumours, confirmed the event with sources.

We'll likely see Apple launch several new products, including a cheaper iPhone, unofficially called the iPhone 5se. Rumours suggest that the phone will essentially be an upgraded iPhone 5 with the same, easy-to-hold 10cm screen. The iPhone 5se is also rumoured to include Apple Pay support, the same processors used in the iPhone 6, and software upgrades including Apple's Live photos.

Apple is also expected to launch the new iPad Air 3. The release will be the first significant upgrade to the tablet since October 2014. Many of the reporters following the event closely say that the iPad Air 3 will include several features introduced in the iPad Pro last year, including a Smart Connector and better speakers.

Finally, the company is expected to unveil the first Apple Watch updates. Rumours suggest that the Apple Watch won't be overhauled in any way, but that it will get new bands and software. 9to5Mac reports that Apple has been testing a series of NATO-style nylon bands. I can't wait to see what they look like.



    What I'd really like to see them announce is a refreshed Macbook Air.

    I love my 2011 Air as a casual laptop, but it's getting a little long in the tooth.

    Too bad (a) the current Air still has the same 900p screen as my four year old model, (b) the Pro isn't quite what I'm after and (c) I'm definitely not buying the Macbook with one port (yes, yes something something USB hubs).

    That XPS13 is looking mighty tempting though...

      I sort of doubt that they will do another Macbook Air as the current Macbook fills it position despite having a single port. Also as you mentioned regarding a hub, that would be the only solution short of buying a low-tier Macbook Pro.

      I would love a new Air also. The MacBook is cool and all, but I think I would miss the MagSafe connector thing the most (and the glowing Apple on the lid...)

      I wish they would use a new AMD APU in their MBP lineup, people might actually try some new games on them.

    Don't you mean iPad Air 3 in the headline?

      Hah, whoops, you're right -- typo. Thanks!

        Would be pretty funny if they announced the iPad Air 2 and everyone cheered before thinking about it.

    with the same, easy-to-hold 10cm screen
    So great to see metric measurements being used.

    Macbook air 15 later in the year..

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