Apple Changed Its Website Because 'Click' Looked Too Much Like 'Dick'

Apple Changed Its Website Because 'Click' Looked Too Much Like 'Dick'

Apple is currently embroiled in a momentous legal battle against the government, but they're also staying on top of what really matters: dicks. Twitter user Dan Leech recently pointed out a curious little detail about the source code for Apple's OS X webpage: The catchphrase for El Capitan, "more to love with every click", seems innocuous at first -- until you realise that the font makes "click" look like "dick".

To solve this "problem", Apple decided to space out the letters, thereby circumventing any embarrassing confusion. If you sneak a look at the site's source code, you'll notice that "click" is enclosed with <span> tags.

Apple Changed Its Website Because 'Click' Looked Too Much Like 'Dick'

Another Twitter user put together a handy illustration of the effect:

Interestingly, as our friends at Gizmodo UK point out, their version of the site includes no such change, so it's dicks abound across the ocean. Americans and their puritanism! "There's more to love with every dick" sounds better anyway.

[Twitter via TechCrunch]

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    There’s more to love with every dick
    ...especially if your'e Tim Cook.

    "Not that there's anything wrong with that" - Seinfeld

      Ouch. Harsh dude. Funny, but harsh.

      Back in the dark ages of analog mobile phones, you could only put names in capital letters. My mate Clint was always out of luck whenever he called...

        Lol. Took my a while to get it until I spelled out the name in caps.

    Kerning. It is really important for typesetting. Put the letters too close and CLINT EASTWOOD and MY FRIEND FLICKER become obscene.

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