A Floating Orb Menaces Rosamund Pike In This Disturbing New Massive Attack Video

A Floating Orb Menaces Rosamund Pike in This Disturbing New Massive Attack Video

"Voodoo in My Blood" is the latest single off Massive Attack's new Ritual Spirit EP. In this Ringan Ledwidge-directed video, Gone Girl actor Rosamund Pike encounters a floating orb in a subway station with ill intentions.

Warning, this video contains violence and some disturbing imagery.

In a press release, Rosamund Pike strangely asks: "Am I involved?... Someone said the girl in the video looks like me. I have been to the Joe Strummer subway. I did have a strange encounter there once." Strange indeed.

A Floating Orb Menaces Rosamund Pike in This Disturbing New Massive Attack Video

This track is a collaboration with Young Fathers, a group from Edinburgh, Scotland. The Ritual Spirit EP, which was released last month as a total surprise, is Massive Attack's first new material since Heligoland in 2010. But fans can rejoice -- the UK-based trip hop group is promising more new music later this spring.


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    I love the clip, and the track is really eerie and fits well. However I do hope Massive Attack will throw in some old skool MA sounding tunes this spring. I want to love this track, but it's just not Mezzanine, Blue Lines or No protection. 100th window wasn't too great either so I am really hoping for something that can bring some new long awaited Massive Attack back into my life.

    It looks like a riff off 1979's Phantasm. I'm just waiting for the drilling to start...

      Was just about to say the same thing. Kids now would have no idea, but it's a pretty blatant copy.


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