What's The Cheapest Way To Buy Google's New Chromecast In Australia?

Both Google's new Chromecast and the Chromecast audio aren't available yet in Australia, and there has been no announcement of an official release date. We could wait patiently for this tech to hit our shores, or we could take advantage of online shops and international shipping to get one of these devices now.

Seeing as Google's own store is the main seller of the new Chromecast models in the countries where they've seen an official release, there are few options that will ship one of these devices to Australia. It looks like most of them will end up setting you back around $70, once shipping and exchange rates have been taken into account. For the new Chromecast, these are your best options:

ArtemisPro on eBay, $38.66 plus $28.62 postage, $67.28 total.

B&H Photo Video Audio, $US35 plus $US12.26: $67.92 total (AUD).

The Chromecast Audio retails for around the same price from the same stores, although eBay proves to be just a little bit cheaper. Here are your options:

ArtemisPro on eBay, $34.36 plus $28.62 postage, $62.98 total.

B&H Photo Video Audio, $US35 plus $US12.26: $67.92 total (AUD).

It's also worth noting that B&H charges the same price for shipping for two Chromecasts as it does for one — so if you're planning on buying one of each, or if you can find a friend to go in with you to split shipping prices then you can bring the price down a little that way.

So are they worth buying at these prices? The first version of the Chromecast that is currently available in Australia will set you back around $49 from most retailers, meaning that you'll be paying almost $20 extra on top of that. The new version of the regular Chromecast mainly stands out from its predecessor by adding dual-band technology to cut down on lag and buffering. If you live in a house with poor Wi-Fi strength or an apartment complex with multiple signals crowding the band, this could easily be worth the extra $20. For a more in-depth look at the improvements in the new Chromecast, check out Gizmodo's review.

The Chromecast Audio has nothing similar to compare to, however — so it's up to you to judge how much you're willing to pay to avoid waiting for the official Australian release. You can find our review of the Chromecast Audio here.

Have you found the new Chromecast cheaper somewhere else? Let us know in the comments!

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