Werner Herzog Is Right: Twitter Is Stupid

Werner Herzog Is Right: Twitter Is Stupid

Whenever Werner Herzog says something, you should listen. Don't just listen because the man speaks pure poetry with an alluring German accent. Listen because he's usually smart, if a little grumpy. Case in point: he thinks Twitter is stupid. "What does impress you about 100,000 tweets, 100,000 times stupidities in 140 characters?" Herzog said at Sundance this week. "What is so phenomenal about it?" he asked. I have never seen a single tweet that I found interesting at all."

He kept going.

"What scares me the most? Stupidity."

Herzog, of course, was discussing his new documentary about the internet. Herzog likes the internet! In fact, at the event he aptly described it as "an event that science fiction writers had not foreseen". However even the internet can't escape its own dystopian destiny. The film goes into the perils of artificial intelligence and robotics. Regardless of your thoughts on the future of technology, you have to admit that Herzog is right. Twitter is full of idiots.


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    Some off topic humour. Paul F Tompkins as Werner

    He could go on Mastermind ...his favorite subject... The bleeding obvious

    I like to think of the entire Twittersphere as a 3 Stooges movie except that it lacks the more sophisticated elements like humorous eye poking. Other than that, not much between them content-wise.

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