Watch The Horror Of LA's Natural Gas Leak In Real Time

Watch the Horror of LA's Natural Gas Leak in Real Time

Remember that time you took the bus to work instead of your car and you felt really great for helping the environment? Well, you can start feeling less great. The Environmental Defence Fund has created a real-time counter showing just how much damage LA's natural gas leak is causing. As of the writing of this post, the leak has released 82,464.15 metric tons of methane into the air. That's the same as 2,950,543,484l of gasoline burned... wait, now it's 2,950,554,927l.... now it's 2,950,561,252l....

Just stare at the environmental devastation ticking away. It's simply mesmerising in that absolutely horrific kind of way. Like a slow-motion car crash for the Earth.

The Porter Ranch natural gas leak (just north of Los Angeles) has been pumping methane into the air since 23 October 2015. Partly because it hasn't had a working safety valve since 1979. The whole mess is quite literally a global disaster. There's no word yet on when the leak will be plugged, but until then we have this counter to gaze at, while we can merely picture our descendants shaking their heads.

[h/t LA Curbed]

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    Wow. It's like the BP oil spill...except UPSIDE DOWN!!!!

    how come this is not on the news? like anyhwere lol?

    first i have heard about it

    The higherups in the US gov must have a put a media gag on it
    I heard it wont be plugged till March 2016 as there are currently drilling a well next to it to intercept the leak and pore cement down

    Last edited 12/01/16 4:23 pm

    "showing just how much damage LA’s natural gas leak is causing" .. sorry, silly me, I can't see any damage occuring. Or devastation for that matter.

    The methanotrophs will be happy .. poor little blighters.

    just toss a match at it....boom!!...suddenly there will be media attention.

      Would also be better for the environment.
      The US EPA claims that methane is 25 time worse on the environment than CO2 (, so wouldn't burning off the gas be preferable to just letting it go?

    That's why I'm not too concerned about the emissions from my Toyota Echo.
    I first said this during the volcano eruption in Chile

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