Watch Nvidia's CES 2016 Press Conference Right Here

Nvidia is one of the first to kick off at CES 2016, with a conference covering the company's recent forays into self-driving and autonomous vehicles, virtual reality, and its existing portfolio of GeForce graphics and gaming technologies. You can watch it live with us, right here.

The presser officially kicks off at 1PM Sydney time, so tune in then to see what's going on -- Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang will be taking the stage. Nvidia has already announced its VR Ready badging program for PCs, where it's set a minimum framework of system requirements that'll ensure smooth, lag-free virtual reality gameplay with upcoming headsets like the Oculus Rift.

Will we be seeing more of the same, or something new? Watch below, or tune in on Nvidia's official site here.



    damn, I just caught the tail end of that presentation and wish I caught more about the drive px2.
    All I know is 6x titan x, 150x mac books, lunch box sized, volvo, you can now rip off your rear view mirror

    The whole presentation was about AI in self driving cars. It was interesting but I feel like it's so far off my radar I would have just preferred to have heard about the next line of GPU's and the integration with VR tech.

    Why a picture of a graphics card in the post if the presentation had nothing to do with them?

      Because -- at the moment at least -- that's Nvidia's bread and butter :)

        Fair call.
        I realize that the mistake here is mine as this was live and I'm assuming you couldn't have known what the talk was going to be about.

        My bad.

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