This Site Lets You Search Netflix's Global Library

Netflix are cracking down on the use of VPNs to access catalogues from different regions, but if you're lucky enough to still have yours working for you this could be the key to finding exactly what you want to watch, when you want to watch it.

The unofficial Netflix online Global Search (uNoGs) is a huge searchable database of everything on Netflix, anywhere in the world. You can search by availability, title, genre, runtime and year of release. You can also filter by Netflix and IMDB ratings. uNoGs also gives full audio and subtitle details, IMDB listings and Rotten Tomatoes listings for each entry.

You'll simply need to switch your VPN (if it hasn't been blocked already) to the region you want to access. uNoGs even gives you the information on which VPN, proxy or DNS provider to use for the content you want.

TorrentFreak spoke with the creator of uNoGS operator, Brian.

"I initially built the site just for myself because the few sites that were providing a service like this were extremely limited in terms of search functionality," Brian says.

"I wanted to be able to see what was available in every country, when it was added, when it was supposed to expire and when it actually expired. Once I completed the initial build for myself I decided to share it with everyone."

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    Forgive my ignorance but what's a good 'this what's coming up/leaving Netflix this month site, I'd like to use this in conjuction with such a site.

    ie 'Everly' is apparently new to the service this month, but US only? There's no way to work out if/when it'll come to other regions or indeed be removed from the libraries it's currently on.

      I use these guys, it is US & UK only though -

      This is the one I use:

      Last edited 27/01/16 1:51 pm

    Are there any SAFE free VPN's available to check out other regions Netflix? I'm pretty happy with the Aussie content, but there are a couple of things I'm interested in which aren't available here.

      Idk about safe or what, and it's not a VPN as such, but I've been using it with no issues thus-far, it's called Turboflix, it lets you access US (and maybe some others, not sure) content for $3.99 per month.

      Or you could buy a gift card and save some money in the long run:

      Pretty simple to set up too, just follow video instructions, really it's just changing your main DNS to the Turboflix one.

      Edit: Been using this to binge-watch Criminal Minds lately. Good stuff.

      Last edited 25/01/16 6:29 pm

        Cool, thanks for that, will go check it out.

          No worries man.

          Also, a note, you can start a 1 week free trial with them at the moment. So you can test it out and see if the show/movies you want are available.

      Use a DNS unblocker rather than a VPN as it's significantly faster.

      If you are concerned about the law, don't be. Malcolm Turnbull's blog tells us that any type of avoiding geoblocks in Australia is perfectly legal, including watching USA Netflix.

      I use myself because it unblocks loads of channels I use, not just netflix but there are hundreds of these things around.

      For cheap ones that just do the major stuff like netflix, hulu, BBC, try uflix ($2 a month or $20 a year + this one is an Australian business billed in Aussie dollars) or adfreetime ($2 US a month) or trickbytedns ($3 US a month or $30 US a year)

      If you want free try or one of the many chrome/firefox extensions

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