This Is What A Ferrari Will Look Like 25 Years Into The Future

Video: Ferrari's Design School Challenge was a competition for artists and designers around the world to envisage the Ferrari of the future: a vehicle that Maranello would be proud to stamp the prancing pony on in the year 2040. The Manifesto is the winner of that challenge, from France’s ISD-Rubika design school.

Taking the top Gran Premio Assoluto honours in the competition, Manifesto is a fully fleshed-out concept, with running gear and interior modeled -- not just an exterior shell like some of its competitors. And it's gorgeous. If this is what Ferrari will be doing in 2040, sign me up. [YouTube]


    Looks like the interior would get drenched if you had to get in and out in the rain.

      It's a Ferrari.. practical design?? boring!... ;)

    Why do we have to wait 25 years, if they can dream it build it! Or do we get drip feed the tech as to keep us wanting more....

      Completely agree! Why not in 2 years allowing for production spin up? I hate it when they show some bright glimpse of the future that never eventuates. In 25 years we will instead all be in self driving bubble cars that in no way resemble anything cool.

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