This Handheld, Reloadable Thermite Torch Can Penetrate Steel In Seconds

Crowbars and bolt cutters are Neolithic in comparison to the fancy gear you can get today. Take the Tec Torch, a handheld pyrotechnic gadget powered by thermite cartridges that can bust through steel rods, metal plates and other obstacles in a couple of seconds. If you need to get into something, the Tec Torch claims it can do the job.

Designed by the Texas-based Energetic Materials & Products, Inc, the Tec Torch comes in at a super portable 590g -- 250g for the handle and around 340g for the cartridges. Length and diameter come in at 3.8cm and 35.5cm (with cartridge) respectively.

The cartridges only burn for two seconds, but according to testing by EMPI, this is long enough to get through most barriers. The "rod cutter" package can get slice a 1.9cm steel bar, while the "plate penetrator" promises to puncture 1.27cm of metal, creating a 0.9cm hole.

If you're worried that this sort of tool will just enable the average criminal, think again. With a kit containing four cartridges costing close to $US1000, it's a very expensive way to facilitate the snatching of your big screen.

[Energetic Materials & Products, Inc]



    Why so Expensive?
    What exactly is new here? (oh, the packaging!!)

    A lot of money for some (hopped up) model rocket propellant. :)

    This would be good for hardened applications like fortified locks and what not, but cutting through those steel beams and grates seems like a bit of a waste, surely a Li-Ion angle grinder would be just as fast, and a hell of a lot cheaper?

      I think a lot of what you're paying for would be the size and weight advantages. A grinder has a large (relatively) motor, plus battery pack. That's a total weight of up to three or four times the weight of the torch. Not to mention the fact that batteries can decay and lose charge between access to power points.

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