This 80's Action Parody Is The Best Thing The Simpsons Has Done In Years

Bask in the glory of a Bruce Willis-esque Homer Simpson take on buff villian Flanders in this fabulous fever dream of action references from the decade that subtlety forgot.

There's levels to this, I tell you.

Best. Couch gag. Ever.


    Lol, that was great! I really like some of the newer couch gages. Like the ones by the guest directors like John K., and of course, the Rick and Morty crossover gag.

      I think this is a big part of what's "wrong" with the newer seasons of The Simpsons. They know they've got nothing so they spend lots of time and energy making long, elaborate, funny couch gags so they don't have to fill that time with actual episode content. (Kind of like extending the rake gag in Cape Feare)

    That was fantastic!

      This times 1000. really cool intro. even though i haven't watched an episode for years that was sweeeeeet

    Things like this and the family guy crossover (in parts) are really good, but the show itself has been terrible for 15 years now. Every time I decide to give it a chance when I see it on TV I regret the decision.

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