There’s A Huge 4K TV Hiding In This Photo

There’s A Huge 4K TV Hiding In This Photo

Can you see LG’s super-thin 4K OLED television in the photo above? It’s just 2.57mm thick, giving it a virtually invisible profile.

In fact, it would be entirely invisible if it wasn’t for the big chunky base that’s attached to the TV. Oof:

The design is crazy; it’s just an OLED panel dropped on a pane of glass. Nothing else. It’s stunning. But no one should deceive themselves that this TV has no footprint. It needs guts to run, not to mention a place to input HDMI connections. So it’s got a big base that holds all the electronics necessary to power that marvel of design.

In the event that you do want to want to wall mount the TV, the base folds back. But still, it’s hardly the flat sheet the profile at the top suggests. Nothing is what it seems.

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