The New X-Files Is Broadcasting Now, But We Won't See It In Australia For A Week

The X-Files is back. (Again.) It's being broadcast right now on FOX in the US, but there's no way for you to (legally) watch it now, or even in the next couple of hours, whether that's on the internet or on a TV. In Australia, you'll have to wait until Sunday night to watch the debut episode of a TV series we've already been waiting nearly fourteen years to see.

In Australia, the first episode of The X-Files will be broadcast by Channel Ten at 8:30PM on January 31st, the next Sunday coming up. That's a six day delay, and that's extremely disappointing. Especially in light of the fact that every other episode in the series will be shown just six hours after its US broadcast, on every Monday at 8:30PM. If you want to watch the show even slightly in time to take part in any kind of online discussion about it, you'll have to infringe on some copyright and acquire it illegitimately.

If you want to avoid spoilers, stay off Twitter and stay off Facebook, because the show is popular, and it's getting a lot of attention. I don't want to wait six days. With this kind of delay, I don't think it'll be any surprise to hear that a lot of potential watchers of the show on Channel Ten will be resorting to alternative means -- like BitTorrent, or Usenet, or dodgy YouTube uploads -- to watch the latest season of The X-Files. [Twitter / YouTube]

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    We've all waited 14 years, if you can't wait another six days, then I'd suggest you may have serious psychological problems.

      Come on, mate. It's six days after the show has already aired and everyone I interact with online has already seen it and talked amongst themselves.

        Really? You have no friends in Australia or Great Britain or anywhere else in the world other than the US? And those friends in the US are such dickheads that they would ruin the show for you, are they?

        See what I mean about psychological problems? These are made up issues you use to justify your illegal actions. I work in the industry (currently at Channel 9) and my life doesn't revolve around talking to all my friends about what I watched on TV so I find it impossible to believe yours does. We have far more interesting things to discuss when we are not talking work. Yes, we do occasionally mention what we've been watching but if someone hasn't seen it and doesn't want us talking about it, we find something else to talk about. It's really not that hard.

          Your argument is a strawman; it doesn't stand up. I have friends in Australia (and Great Britain, actually), and I do talk about things other than television. But that's not the situation I'm talking about.

          If you want to discuss the show on Twitter, or on Reddit, or on any worldwide forum, you just can't if you're a week late to the party. The conversation has already left you behind.

          If you work at TCN, you have a vested interest. Your job is built around people watching things on linear television, when your network's controllers decide they should be aired. But online, for the majority of readers of a site like Gizmodo, it doesn't work like that. Most of our readers live in a global world, and they want the ability to talk about a show like the X-Files with their sci-fi-watching friends or acquaintances or strangers or whatever, without an undue delay placed upon them.

          I get policing yourself and your friends about spoilers -- and that's great that you do that, I applaud it -- but it's not reasonable when you're sitting in front of a computer and connected to the internet 10 hours a day like me.

            Don't bother engaging him Campbell, if you've read any of his comments before you'll realise that SomeOtherIdiot is a much "Older Gentleman" who resents the fact that the world is leaving him behind and a great pace. Whether it's the way we view TV or the way we use Transportation, he just wants everything to stay the same and THOSE DARNED KIDS TO GET OFF HIS LAWN!!!

              Interesting then, as an example you will understand, that I was on the very first Insider Previews for both Windows 8 and Windows 10 and amongst the first to start using Win8 full time. You should not confuse a lack of cognitive bias with a fear of change because I have less fear of change than anyone I know and certainly far less than you. I have sufficient faith in my opinions that I do not need to seek confirmation from the internet that I was right. I was raised to have a strong enough moral compass that I won't do something that is wrong simply because I can get away with it. The only way that I believe I am out of touch with the modern world is in that my actions are guided by principles. I know I'd fit in a lot better if only I was more self-centred. Sadly, I am not and I have less than no interest in being so.

              The other seemingly old fashioned thing I do is to question everything and take nothing at face value. e.g. Why would I pay for everything with a card when I can more easily use cash? There is not a single advantage, yet there are obvious disadvantages. So I weigh up the pros and cons and stick with cash. One day something better might come along but so far, nothing has. OTOH, you go cashless because the marketing makes it seem cool and all your sheep-like friends are doing it and you don't want to be left behind. You don't make an objective assessment and an informed decision, you just blindly do what everyone else is doing. Of course, that's not reall yold fashioned because it's the way society has operated for centuries.

                - Dont have to carry (as much) cash around
                - Complete history of transactions
                - If someone steals your wallet you can cancel your card
                - Some vendors provide incentives, cashback etc

                - No transaction history
                - If someone steals your wallet, cash is gone
                - Depending how you budget cash/withdraw you could be cashless in a situation

                Clearly everyone needs to use cash to get around but cashless transactions are quick and convenient... not sure anyone who uses it is a sheep.....

                In 2000 I was using commbank (age 16/17) and everyone thought internet banking was dodgy and a stupid idea.... oh how things have changed.

                  I can't wait for a cashless society, it won't happen anytime soon due to cash still needed for certain things being legal and illegal. Although i've gone days without having to use cash and just use card and love it. Looking forward to bank activating it on my phone.

                  Last edited 27/01/16 11:53 am

                  I personally like to use cash, as cash has some major benefits over cards (at least for me)

                  - easier to budget spending amounts - for example I go out for an evening, take out x amount of cash, meaning I cant over spend and dig into my savings too much. - With a card I have over spent before because I could.
                  - easier to haggle with shops - when I go into a shop and have the cash on hand it is easier to say "I have x amount, what can you do for me". This works well on large non essential items (or even some high price essential items) I have saved heaps on TVs, high quality cookware, guitars and amps and furniture with this especially when I show the actual cash.

                  That said, I do bills and general mundane stuff with card (fuel, lunches etc.) but I do my shopping in cash, because nothing sucks more than doing your groceries and going through a checkout and finding out your bank having problems that day :-(

                One of the first to start using Windows 8? If that isn't clear evidence of mental impairment I don't know what is.

                Not sure if troll or Luddite commenting on a tech site...

                Last edited 27/01/16 10:39 am

            Funny... it was only a couple of years ago that we whinged about tv shows taking MONTHS to hit us... but now we are upset if we are delayed by mere days. I understand why, and I agree. If it was purchased by Foxtel, they wouldnt have this delay.. but Ten are obviously prioritising their (higher rating) live sports schedule this week.. so even with a 6 day delay, it'll be a win win for them.

              Isn't ratings season starting this weekend? I imagine that's why.

            Why would I "want to discuss" a TV show? I want to watch it and enjoy it and if I think it is really good I might want to encourage others to do the same but with everything that's going on in the world today, I can think of a million things I "want" to talk about more than even my favourite TV shows. I want to talk about the uselessness of religion, I want to talk about the environment and over-population. I want to talk to Americans about gun control. These are things I "want" to discuss. For all but the most vacuuous individuals, talking about TV shows should be seen as on par with talking about the weather.

            Thinking about it a little more, I reckon the difference is that you believe there are people out there who give a flying fuck what you think, that your contribution to the discussion has value. It does not. Trust me, no-one in the whole world is watching the discussion boards or Twitter threads, waiting to see what Campbell Simpson has to say about the new X Files.

            I certainly don't have a vested interest in TCN 9. It's just handier than other work I could be doing (within walking distance of home). It is easily the worst of the networks when it comes to the LCD. It's a job, not something I buy into on an intellectual or emotional level at all. And where I work, in news, there is no fear of being displaced by piracy or Netflix or anything else. Quite the opposite, as other areas of the business wither, news just gets bigger and bigger to fill the void, making my posiiton more and more secure. Nine now broadcasts 12.5 hours of news programming every day and I've seen the department I work in go from 12 people to more than 20 in the four or so years I have been here. Bottom line - piracy is good for my job security.

            What it's bad for is for the bits of TV I actually like, the things that matter to me. That's why when I get the shits with the networks for moving Person of Interest or Agetns of S.H.I.E.L.D. or Burn Notice around until I can't keep up any more, I don't go and out pirate the show, I buy the season on DVD so that I can more directly support the producers and keep the show viable.

            Oh, and for the record, I spend a lot more than 10 hours a day in front of my computer but I manage not to take anything that I don't have the right to have or see when I am doing it. Often that requires a lot more work and greater expense - you won't believe how hard it can be to track down a long out of print album or single that I could easily steal from YouTube - but I make the effort because it is the right thing to do. It can be harder but it's not actually hard. As O'Brien says to WInston Smith, "all that's required is an effort of will".

              Thinking about it a little more, I reckon the difference is that you believe there are people out there who give a flying fuck what you think, that your contribution to the discussion has value. It does not. Trust me, no-one in the whole world is watching the discussion boards or Twitter threads, waiting to see what Campbell Simpson has to say about the new X Files.

              Alright mate :)

                He is a super effective troll, he got so many bites.

                No Luddite comes to a tech site to make comments unless they only want a reaction.

              Why would I "want to discuss" a TV show?
              Cause you know, people talk about GoT, Lost, The Walking Dead, Star Wars etc etc. Most of these shows mimic life in some way shape or form and its interesting to hear peoples opinion about characters and plots.

              I don't go and out pirate the show, I buy the season on DVD
              People buy content on Itunes, Netflix, Foxtel and physical discs. The issue we're talking about here is release date so.... moot point. General downloaders are a different species to the people who are frustrated that they can't even pay to watch this content in a similar timeframe to the rest of the world.

              ... Overall you come across as a smug pompous a-hole with a superiority complex who thinks they've got it all figured out. You've got your set of "values" and can't be proven wrong, you'll belittle everyone else's points without even acknowledging what's happening in 2016. This thinking is the same sort of shit the record/tv/movie industry like to cling onto, the smart ones are moving on but no doubt the stubborn ones will be left behind to die.

              "I don't like discussing TV shows therefore no one else is allowed to" -SomeOtherIdiot. Congratulations, you just made the most restarted comment ever. How far is your head up your arse? You are literally the most self centred idiot I've ever seen on here. People like doing things different to you. Get over it.

              You don't want to discuss TV shows? Good for you, you have no right to tell other people they can't dipstick.

              Last edited 27/01/16 8:45 am

          You do realise there are people in this world other than you who like to discuss things different to you. Stop being a self centered idiot.

          Sounds like you need to change your pad old man.

          Google "Rod Speed" and see how to troll cleverly and not just prove you're just a simple minded dolt.

      It's 2016, we need everything immediately!

        You speak the truth, however i believe it's more that we want everything immediately, and the fact is we can get it and watch it sooner, fairly risk free, which makes it not morally wrong

        it's not so much about that for me because we used to wait for VCR movies to arrive here 1 year or more after releaseing to tape elsewhere it is about the fact we see breaking news in minutes but we can't get a show some of us have loved over the years even hours after the good old USA.And to me it is Ten waiting for the tennis and any other sporting event to be over or nearly over before showing for good ratings.

          Yes, no doubt Ten paid a fortune for the show and they want to see a good return on their investment. How stupid is that? Of course, if you don't watch it next Sunday and the ratings are krap, it is very likely that no-one will bother paying for a future series, which lessens the chance of another one being made.

          Making TV shows is a business and, like every business, it relies on patronage, not piracy, to survive. If nobody watches s show, it won't get renewed, it's as simple as that. If you want to see next year's X Files, you need to put your money where your mouth is and fiscally support this series. If not, Ten will just spend their money on more celebrities for Africa. Who wins then?

            Ten paid a fortune for it and they also have 3 channels to play it on but instead of these channels bringing us the wider variety of shows we were promised we are left with 'family feud' simulcast across the three channels at the same time and endless repeats of the Simpsons, Futurama and Cops.

            There are arguments here about people being whiney little bitches because we're not getting the show the same day as the US but a precident had been set, the ABC managed to do it with Dr. Who and Ten crow about a lot of other shows being on air here 24 hrs after the US. The networks need to learn to manage the channels they are given properly or live with people finding other sources for the shows they want to watch.

            Of course it's a bad investment, why would you wait a week to watch a 45 minute show with 15 minutes of adverts when you can download it ad free now?

            The entire TV model is broken, offer a service that rivals the content and speed that piracy provides and people would be willing to part with way more cash which means way more shows.

        News at 7. Next up; consumerism and social networks, bed friends or foes.

      SomeOtherIdiot: 'I'm not having that Conversation myself, so it must not be an important Conversation to anyone else.'

      It seems like the undervaluing of social media conversation, undervaluing currency and relevance, is the really big hurdle towards getting industry apologists to understand why multi-day delays are so significant. (Let alone multi-month in the case of cinema releases.)

      Just because YOU don't value something doesn't mean it's not valuable.
      (Take, for example, Louis Vuitton bags - I think they're ugly as fuck, but that doesn't stop them costing literally thousands of dollars.)

      The value people are seeking here isn't the content of the show itself. It's the social experience as well. Which, increasingly these days, is a GLOBAL social experience. Twitter doesn't deliver its tweets to Australia six days later.

        Is "...undervaluing of social media conversation..." just a long-winded way of saying FOMO?

          Didn't really NEED more evidence of people proving my point, but y'know, thanks for doing so anyway.

        I'm not having that conversation and neither is anybody I know. Nobody I work with, none of my friends nor any of my neighbours. As I said above, we have a lot of things to talk about, mentioning what we watched on the telly last night is the kind of thing you'd save for an awkward pause, just to fill the silence.

        I have plenty of social media conversations and, even though I work in TV, none of it is about what I saw on TV. It is so trivial as to be almost meaningless, yet I am to assume that people such as you wouldn't even watch a show unless all your social media acquaintances were also watching it? I doubt you even understand what was so good about the original X Files series.

        You should notice, too, that you interchanged value and cost in your Louis Vuitton analogy. I am sure that you, like me, think anyone who pays what those things cost is an idiot.

        As for Twitter, ti doesn't deliver anything of value, ever. It serves only to illustrate the utter banality of human existence on this planet and the pathetic and petty nature of humanity itself.

          Exactly the point I was trying to make. People seem to think that if they aren't as up to date as others in their social media circle, they will be considered an outcast. I see that as a worrying psychological trend these days. It's just a TV show and has no actual bearing on your life, unless you worry that others will think less of you. TIP: They won't.

            It's not about it having a "bearing on your life". I enjoy icecream, but it has no tangible effect on my life. People enjoy discussing current topics, such as a new TV show, so they are upset that they will be left behind in something they enjoy. It's not life ruining, but if you can't understand how people might care about that, you might be the ones with "psychological problems", namely anhedonia and a lack of empathy.

          Your rebuttal to his point that, you think because you don't care about it, no one should... is a 4 paragraph rant about... How you don't care about it, and so nobody should...

          Well done, you've managed to look even more stupid. After reading a lot of your comments, I scarcely thought that possible.

          Last edited 25/01/16 5:53 pm

          Yeah, I've got a bunch of people I interact with regularly who haven't got the slightest idea about this show, and we won't be talking about it.

          But also, there are a heap of people known as "fans of the show" that vary in intensity from "yeah, I watched it back in the day" to "I've got my scully cosplay, trading cards and signed books/dvd's ready to go and I've just marathoned my way through all the seasons over the weekend in preparation.. squeeeee!"

          For people in the first category, it's no big deal that it's delayed. They probably won't even watch it sunday night, they may wait for it to be on dvd next year, or catch it on netflix/stan/presto/foxtel in a couple of years.

          For people in the second category, a delay of six days means not participating in the social aspect of being a fan of the show, and if you've ever had a peer group (for anything!) you'll know how tough that can be sometimes.

          It's not like we live in the age of instant global data transfer or anything, we can hardly expect them to have the show ready to roll simultaneously (or near to) on a global scale these days.. (/sarcasm).

          and you wonder why nobody likes you on here because it's your way or the highway.

          I want it. If others can have it right now, and I can't without risking fines and/or jail time - why? Because your Broadcast Gods demand it be so?

        He is a super effective troll. He got so many bites. No Luddite comes to a tech site to make comments.

      "I dont care about this, therefore no one else is allowed to" - SomeOtherIdiot, The only man who can smell his colon due to his head being so far up there.

      Certainly not how I would've stated it, but waiting 6 days to watch a TV show should not be a big deal, nor should it be a justification for piracy.
      Why can't we be thankful that a free-to-air network is showing it, and support it so other shows can get similar (or even better) treatment? It certainly won't improve the situation by using other means of watching it, it just perpetuates the problem.

      The overwhelming sense of entitlement present in society is really out of control!

      I don't think Campbell has "serious psychological problems", but I agree with the sentiment that this is an absurd thing to complain about, especially in the form of a post on a tech blog. Furthermore, though I will be downvoted into oblivion for saying so, I think this never-ending habit of whinging about access to TV, film and music as a thinly veiled-way of justifying piracy is pathetic, and just so tiresome. It's not just Giz; many other tech popular blogs do it - it's the reason I stopped reading boingboing altogether several years ago (seriously boingboing, there's only so many rants about DRM you can write before you repeat yourself verbatim). It's a sickening expression of your unfounded sense of entitlement.

      I'm not discounting the social aspect - I understand it's a bummer that you can't participate in that initially with Americans . But it shocks me that you care enough about that to dedicate yet another post to it.

      So @SomeOtherIdiot and I might be the only two Giz readers on this side of this particular argument - yeah, I'm guessing we're both "old" (not in our teens or twenties). But that's how I feel about it.

      Really, if not seeing a TV show at the same time as the US is really so upsetting to you, perhaps you should consider finding something other than television to focus your energy on.

      Last edited 26/01/16 10:39 am

    breaking the first rule... tsk tsk

    Yeah, because we want to wait till Sunday to watch it in crappy SD, ad breaks every 5 min and watermarks. Oh, it's on Ten? Yeah no.

    Last edited 25/01/16 3:27 pm

      It probably completely escapes your notice that the show is paced and edited around ad breaks. When they aren't there, the flow breaks down.

        Having watched the first episode already, Thats a blatent lie.

        Wow! I've seen some really stupid comments on here by SOI but holy crap, this tops the lot, by far!
        And in relation to that_dan_person, this is the exact reason I will not watch it on Ten. SD can go and f... I can't enough bad things about watching brand new shows in SD. It's 2016 and we're meant to be a 1st world country, not in the friggin Congo D.R.

        Last edited 25/01/16 10:48 pm

        Wait, so getting really into the episode and then having an ab come on, does not break the flow for you?

        Except Aussie FTA don't follow them and apply thier own arbitrary ad break timings being just one of the many poor processes that make FTA excruciating.


        I hears that SomeOtherIdiot refuses to read two chapters of a book in a row, because "the flow breaks down."

      The original series was on Ten, Wednesday nights IIRC. I actually feel nostalgia for it being on there, and a week is not a drama. Campbell is making a mountain out of a molehill. Especially seeing it seems he's only talking about the first episode, with the other five screening six hours after the US. Way to embody the "I want it now" Veruca Salt school of entitlement.

    Well Channel 10, I'm just going to have to pirate the sh.t out of it. Hope your ratings are poor.

      Exactly the reason why Australia's situation in terms of movie/tv releases continues to be sub-par.

        You obviously can't distinguish between cause and effect, do you work for a movie studio or something? That is the stupidest comment I have ever seen, clearly people pirate because releases are artificially held back, not the other way around. If it was on TV last night I would have watched it instead of bothering to find a torrent and download. Which I did.

          No I don't work for movie studios, but the thought that pirating will somehow make studios and TV networks "wake up to themselves" is somewhat misguided. It isn't cause and effect, it's a cycle that keeps perpetuating itself, not helped at all by either the studios or the consumers. It's 6 days delay in this case.
          The sentiments expressed on this site prove that pirating will happen regardless of what the studios or tv networks do, there always seems to be an excuse.

          Last edited 26/01/16 7:26 pm

    I was looking for this show everywhere last weekend.

    So did they ever catch Moe for the theft of the whale from Seaworld?

    This totally seems like a trap...

    1. Make a network delay popular show by a week
    2. Watch people bitch about it online
    3. Get details of people who blatantly tell the world they will pirate it
    4. Sue those people

    I can imagine Sunday night: dark, tense, quiet but moody conversation between Mulder and Scully... bottom third suddenly obscured by bright green and gold "I'm a celebrity" ad with animated hosts gesticulating.



      That really is a fucking annoying aspect of TV!

      One of the many reasons broadcast TV is like a dead man walking. Their old man CEOs are either incapable of seeing this or just keeping quiet to temporarily placate shareholders before jumping the sinking ships.

      Last edited 26/01/16 12:29 pm

    Just watched it on couchtuner. Sucked me straight back in.

    I am a huge fan, but happy to wait in this case until the weekend.

    Foxtel... Can you imagine the adverts? I couldn't watch it on channel 10 let alone "Fuxtoll".

      This ^ Foxtel being a subscription based medium should not have the ads they do. I dropped Foxtel because of this. Now if there was only an awesome streaming service that had a huge amount of docos I would be set.

    So first episode was good. Hooked in for the rest.

    I'm in Western Australia, and we are constantly left behind for television broadcasts in our own country. "Chat live on twitter now with fellow fans!" tells the hashtagged promotions of Australian shows, with viewer comments popping up during the broadcast. But that was three hours earlier for us, and cannot participate because we can't watch live, and do you think we sook about it on the internet?

    Two episodes will be delayed by less than a week, with the last four airing six hours later, as it seems to mention above. Get over it.

    The reason for the delay is because ratings season doesn't start until Feb. Even if it aired the same day I would still pirate it. Also the episode wasn't really good but the myth arc was never good to begin with. The MOTW better be good and Doggett better come back or I will kill everyone in this comment section.

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