The New X-Files Is Broadcasting Now, But We Won't See It In Australia For A Week

The X-Files is back. (Again.) It's being broadcast right now on FOX in the US, but there's no way for you to (legally) watch it now, or even in the next couple of hours, whether that's on the internet or on a TV. In Australia, you'll have to wait until Sunday night to watch the debut episode of a TV series we've already been waiting nearly fourteen years to see.

In Australia, the first episode of The X-Files will be broadcast by Channel Ten at 8:30PM on January 31st, the next Sunday coming up. That's a six day delay, and that's extremely disappointing. Especially in light of the fact that every other episode in the series will be shown just six hours after its US broadcast, on every Monday at 8:30PM. If you want to watch the show even slightly in time to take part in any kind of online discussion about it, you'll have to infringe on some copyright and acquire it illegitimately.

If you want to avoid spoilers, stay off Twitter and stay off Facebook, because the show is popular, and it's getting a lot of attention. I don't want to wait six days. With this kind of delay, I don't think it'll be any surprise to hear that a lot of potential watchers of the show on Channel Ten will be resorting to alternative means — like BitTorrent, or Usenet, or dodgy YouTube uploads — to watch the latest season of The X-Files. [Twitter / YouTube]

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