The First Person View Of Badminton Is Intense

Video: The First Person View of Badminton Is Intense

Video: I remember laughing at the idea of playing badminton in high school. And even after watching all those epic badminton rally videos that pop up every now and again on YouTube, the idea of hitting a birdie (or shuttlecock) back and forth with mini-rockets still seems funny to me. This first person view of the sport changes things. It is so, so quick! It's so intense you barely have any time to react.


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    The only good thing about this video is the kids, they got some skills.

      I reckon a FPV from the shuttlecock would be interesting. In 3D of course.

    Hard smashing is pretty easy in badminton. Good players can do soft smashes which can be advantageous because they use next to no energy, don't telegraph as much and decelerate faster and drop, making a powerful return harder. The kids aren't bad though.

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