Tesla Sold 50,000 Cars In 2015

Tesla has been ramping up production of the Model S and Model X, hitting over 50,000 deliveries of the $100,000 plus vehicles in 2015 — with over 17,000 of those in the final quarter of the year.

In Tesla terms, a delivery is only counted when the car is transferred to the end owner with all the paperwork correct. Because of this these figures may not be 100 per cent correct — more like just over 99 per cent.

In Q4 Model S deliveries were up 48 per cent on the previous quarter, and up 75 per cent on Q4 of the previous year, with 17,192 vehicles produced.

Q4 saw production of the new Model X grow steadily, with almost half in Q4 (238 of 507) produced in the final week of the year. 208 of Q4's Model X's have been delivered already, with the rest expected in early Q1.

A spokesperson for Tesla says "Model X deliveries are in line with the very early stages of our Model X production ramp as we prioritise quality above all else."

With over a billion miles driven already, Tesla's foothold in the car market only continues to grow and improve.



    Although it looks like there could be a fatal fault with the Model S, one caught fire and was totally destroyed during charging in Europe somewhere.

      More info please.


          One incident hardly makes a fatal flaw. Every model of car produced has a hand full that are just duds for some reason.

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            well said Mr Dog, 1000 petrol powered cars burn to the ground in US every year!?!?!?
            pls correct if wrong, over 100 people died in car fires! Luke still driving?

    Well there has been a fault with one Model S whilst charging at a supercharger... no one died, so it's not fatal?
    There are numerous ICE/petrol cars that have gone up in flames from faults as well... Nothing is perfect after all.

    Should be noted that 17,400 in that last 1/2 was at the absolute low end of their production estimates of 17,000-19,000.

    It should be noted that Nissan sold more Leaf EVs in the US during 2015 than Tesla's total. In another interesting twist, Consumer Reports, who were full of praise for the Model S's performance, are less than impressed with it's reliability, saying "it could no longer recommend the Model S because the car's predicted reliability is below average." Link to the article here - https://www.yahoo.com/autos/s/tesla-model-too-many-problems-recommend-consumer-reports-140000449.html

    Yet again, this is another Tesla piece that reads more like a paid advertisement than a news article. Seriously, that last paragraph should have been cut.

      2014 called, it wants it's data back.

      Model S outsold all other EVs in the US in 2015.
      Scroll down to Battery Cars about halfway down the page.

      The numbers vary (might be difference between sales and deliveries) and I can't find many other sources but all of these have the Model S well above the Leaf in the US.

    Is that world wide? If so not that amazing. I have seen more teslas driving around the hills than fgx Falcons which is more puzzling. Maybe just the area

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    Hoping for a 12 seater people mover version.

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