Savour The Snow From Far, Far Away

Savour the Snow from Far, Far Away

Image Cache: Australia is lucky. For those in the US, the beauty of winter can be difficult to appreciate when constantly shovelling walkways, scraping ice off cars and tromping through freezing slush. Meanwhile Australians can simply admire that beauty from afar - and now, above as well, far away from the chilly realities of the season. Browse through the cool photos, animations and diagrams in Gizmodo's Image Cache here.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly took this photo from the International Space Station, before an epic blizzard smothered the US East Coast. Faint traces of rivers create subtle veins in the snow, while ridges, roads and cities stand out in sharp contrast.

Top image: Snowy landscapes in an unspecified location. Credit: NASA/Scott Kelly


    Some how I cant accept that this was taken from space unless the iss dropped out of orbit .
    More likely drone footage

    Last edited 31/01/16 9:34 am

    Yeah Australia is so damned lucky. Just ask the residents of Wye River, or those that lost their lives in never ending bush fires, all across the country. Then there are the floods, searing heat, etc. Just so damn lucky.

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