Remix OS For PC Puts Android On Virtually Any Old Computer For Free

Remix OS for PC Puts Android on Virtually Any Old Computer for Free

Got an ageing computer taking up space in a closet? Well, from mid-January you'll be able to give it a new lease of life with Remix OS for PC, which will let you run a version of Android right there on a computer, gratis. The new OS is a forked version of Android Lollipop made by Jide, which is designed to run on any x86 computer -- that's pretty much any Intel or AMD-based hardware that you might have lying around. To get started, you'll just need to download the OS and pop it on a USB 3.0 flash drive that supports FAT32 format with a minimum capacity of 8GB.

Then, you can pop the thumb drive into any x86 PC that supports booting from a USB and -- voila! -- Android. Running an OS from a thumb drive is, of course, not a new idea in the slightest, but Remix OS promises to bring some fairly modern features -- and millions of apps -- to even relatively old devices. It also looks pretty damn sleek. A Marshmallow version is likely to follow, too.

You'll be able to download Remix OS for PC from Jide from January 12.

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    I can still dream of running Android on my old 386.

    thats really cool. been wanting a PC running android. so I have the same apps etc as the phone. as there is always a few things that will have android and apple . but 90% of the apps cant run in windows. so you need android.
    this also solves the windows monopoly!
    as ppl just need an OS to surf and to type and read stuff and some type of word if they must. and that can all be done free on android. and we just got rid of MS a little but !! YEY

    I wonder how well it will run if you only have a USB 2 port, but using a USB 3 flash drive?

    Minimum System Requirements

    A USB 3.0 flash drive that supports FAT32 format, with a minimum capacity of 8GB and a recommended writing speed of 20MB/s.
    A PC with USB legacy boot option.

    That leaves my old PC out of running Android. I guess its a linux based o/s on a stick for it instead.

      I doubt it would be impossible to get it running off an internal hdd with a bit of clever partitioning and boot loader modification.

      you can run under hdd partition in fat32 :)

    I dunno, I think android for desktop use would be painful to be honest. I think there are plenty of better options in the linux world for minimal desktops.

    I do like this. Especially as I was a huge Joli OS (great OS for old PC's) fan before it got ganked and went purely cloud based, so it's a good replacement. Pretty rare that an older PC would have USB 3 ports anyway. So I'm guessing it would be a case of adding a PCI card to the board that has this option.

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    Just attempted to install it to USB 2 Cruzer 8GB, seems it wont even detect the USB 2 drive to be able to install the ISO to. I thought I might at least be able to install it and have it run slowly, but it seems they may have prevented users from doing this. Anyone else been able to install to a USB 2 drive?

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