New Case Of Ebola Confirmed In Sierra Leone

New Case of Ebola Confirmed in Sierra Leone

Just hours after West Africa was declared Ebola-free, officials in Sierra Leone have confirmed that there has been a new death from the disease in the north of the country. The death is said to have occurred "earlier this week", according to the BBC, with tests confirming that it was due to Ebola. Officials are said to be seeking those who came into contact with the victim to contain the spread of the disease.

Sierra Leone was first declared Ebola-free on November 7. Now, the clock resets: It will have to go 42 days -- twice the incubation period of Ebola -- without any new cases of the disease being confirmed in order to regain the status.

Yesterday, the World Health Organisation announced West Africa Ebola-free, which is now no longer the case. It also warned that small flare-ups such as this remain incredibly likely.


Image by USAID

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    The very suggestion Africa is ebola free is a lie. If Ebola remains active in sperm, all surviving males are carriers. The degree of governmental fraud on this one is an act of genocide. I'm going to call it - African extinction inevitable:

    *Men can't keep it in their pants.
    *men think they have a god given right to sex.
    *every act of sex will infect others.
    *governments have proven unwilling to fence west Africa off to die.
    *health workers think they are god's chosen few.
    *quarantine procedures are fraudulent.
    *governments have proven unwilling to put a bullet in contaminated health workers.

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