Kylo Ren Bonds With His Stormtroopers On Undercover Boss

Video: Some might say that Kylo Ren is a terrible boss — he throws tantrums, kills his own employees and destroys equipment all so he can hunt down one geriatric old man. It's highly likely that he isn't really that popular among the stormtroopers — which is why Kylo Ren has decided to go undercover on the lowest rungs of Starkiller Base as "Matt" the radar technician, in this SNL skit based on reality TV show Undercover Boss. Watch as Kylo Ren learns more about himself and his organisation, and makes some friends along the way. Well, maybe not.

Update: Looks like the video's been geo-restricted. Thanks, SNL.

Image via Tumblr


    Wow, that was really....not funny.

    If you want an actual Star Wars laugh (Eddie Izzard):

      The Emperor called - He wants his sense of humour back.

    LOL. It's Michael Bolton (David Herman) of Office Space.

    The video is not available in Australia.

    Last edited 19/01/16 8:21 am

      It was originally - I guess SNL are right on top of their Google Analytics.

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