How Pixar Copies Scenes From Other Movies

How Pixar Copies Scenes from Other Movies

Video: Pixar movies are great because of their characters and their storylines but also because they pay homage to the great movies that came before them. And they're not even imitating animation movies - they pay tribute to live action films. Many of the scenes you may recognise immediately (like when you're watching Toy Story or Wall-E) and others are done tongue in cheek, but some you'll have to dig a little deeper to remember. Jorge Luengo Ruiz shows how Pixar imitates movies to pay respect to cinema in the video below.


    The 2001 Space Odyssey one even had the iconic tune. They totally knew what they were doing.

    Stuff like this is one of the reasons Pixar movies do so well with adult audiences not just kids. They have so much stuff in their films that only an adult would pick up on, stuff that flies straight over a 10 year olds head.

    And all those movies took their scenes from other movies and real life events. Everything has been done before. All movies, books and TV shows are simply re-ordering and repeating the same material over and over again.

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