Gizmodo's Guide To All The New Wearables At CES 2016

It's all the news on wearables you want, all in the one place. Our wrap up of the latest on smartwatches, fitness trackers and other wearables from CES 2016.

Fitbit Gets Fancy With The New Blaze Fitness Tracker

Fitbit's are arguably the best fitness trackers around. The best looking? Not so much. Now, there's the Blaze, Fitbit's fitness tracker for the more fashion-focused.

Goodbye Chest Straps, Garmin's Fenix 3 Multisport GPS Watch Gains A Heart Rate Monitor

If swimming, surfing, biking, running and hiking sound like the average weekend for you, Garmin's fēnix 3 is the multisport GPS watch that just might sell you on the merits of wearing a smartwatch — especially now that there's a version with a heart rate monitor built-in.

Casio's Sensor-Packed Android Wear Watch Can Survive The Outdoors Longer Than You

You probably grew up with a cheap Casio on your wrist, but the company's first Android Wear offering is a very different product. It's engineered to be tough enough for outdoor enthusiasts who need more than just notifications of Facebook likes.

You Can Use Regular Watch Bands On Misfit's New Ray Fitness Tracker

Misfit's been owned by Fossil for less than two months, but are we already seeing the accessory maker's stylish influence on the brand's fitness trackers? Misfit's new Ray is a far cry from the sports watch form factor more common with wearables, and you can dress it up with standard 8mm watch bands.

New Balance Enters The Fitness Technology Market

There's a new player in the digital fitness arena, with New Balance announcing the launch of its "Digital Sport" division. Expect to see smartwatches, embedded technology and performance sport products hit the market as of late 2016.

HTC And Under Armour's New Wearable Manages To Be Boring And Great At The Same Time

When HTC announced the Grip last year at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we were pretty underwhelmed by the Taiwanese company's first fitness foray. In fact, we didn't even know who the damn thing was for. HTC pumped the brakes on the Grip's released and teamed up with Under Armour — a wise decision.

Withings' Go Is A Waterproof E-Ink Activity Tracker

Fitness trackers that hang off your wrist are useful for accurate step counting, but if you also like to wear a watch, they can get in the way. Every bit as accurate and significantly more convenient is a clip-on tracker that you can hook around a belt loop or bra strap. The only problem? Most don't really tell you how you're doing with your fitness goals. The Withings Go is a small, clip-on fitness tracker that'll show your daily step progress, and double as an analog watch, with an 88-segment always-on circular e-ink display.

Samsung Updates Gear S2 With Rose Gold And Platinum Cases

Samsung's Gear S2 is a tough, versatile smartwatch, but it's also notable for having a Classic variant that's a little more stylish. Come CES 2016, the Gear S2 Classic becomes more stylish again, with a 18k rose gold and a platinum variant heading to Australia later this year.

Samsung's Latest Transformative Gadget Is… A Smart Belt?

Topping the list of shiny new things from the Korean electronics giant is a smart belt called WELT. Yes, you heard that right. Samsung describes WELT as "a smart wearable healthcare belt that looks like a normal belt". It's capable of measuring the wearer's waist size, counting the number of steps they take, and recording the amount of time spent sitting down. The data is then sent to an app that will offer recommendations for exercises and nutrition. Honestly, the thing could look a lot worse — like a LOT worse.

Also catching our eye:

  • If bling is your thing, Huawei has announced a range of smartwatches that will make your heart sparkle. The Verge has all the details.

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