Exclusive Video: Marissa Mayer Riding A ZamboniĀ 

Exclusive Video: Marissa Mayer Riding a Zamboni

Video: EXTRA — EXTRA! Gizmodo has obtained exclusive footage of Marissa Mayer riding a Zamboni. Mayer was criticised for throwing an absurdly extravagant holiday party in 2015 as Yahoo! struggled, especially since she spent part of the night literally sitting alone on a roped-off throne and making her peons come to her.

However, Mayer wasn't always such a standoffish partier. This video shows off her playful, smooth-ice-lovin' side.

We are not licensed Zamboni operators but give her performance a solid "A".

We give Mayer's performance as CEO of Yahoo! a "D".

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    I had no idea who she was... and still dont care

    Last edited 23/01/16 2:43 pm

    This is cool and everything, but it's not getting any sandwiches made in a hurry, is it?

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