'Everything Is Terrible' Is The Only Good Vine Account

'Everything Is Terrible' Is The Only Good Vine Account

Vine just released their playlist of popular vines from the past year. Frankly, most of them are dull as shit. So instead of squeezing off a blog post directing you to mediocre crap curated by Vine, we've decided to compile a list of high-quality crap curated from the world of garbage video by Everything Is Terrible.

Everything Is Terrible is a group of VHS nerds who recut weird videos and host movie festivals. They also have a Vine account. It's filled with chucklegoofs and yuck'em ups. And sometimes they also have some important life lessons.

Everything Is Terrible also has a YouTube account if medium-form is more your speed. We hope you enjoy. Or not. Because everything is terrible.

I need sex

Rainbow Buffalo Cornwoman

I ran a netsearch

Jesus got high


Can't argue with science

Rock on

Stranger danger

I know what you're thinking

On the inside

Pop quiz

Comic relief

Video professor

Riding the mullet


Think again

Potty with the best

Paging Donald Trump

On shirts

Where will you live?

Be seductive

He probably won't call

Dance off

It's the internet, man



We could be heroes

Just go to it

Space travellers?

On the nature of sadness

What is love?

They're all going to laugh at you

Stuck on stamps

Space critter

You are so beautiful

Lady Guns


The computer fairy


On catching things

The future


Illegal cocaine drugs

Have you ever wondered?

Hip hop



The first thing you see

Makes you think


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