Custom TMNT Arcade Cabinet Has Joysticks With 3D-Printed Ninja Turtle Heads

If sci-fi arcade cabinets based on space administrations aren't your thing, perhaps something more classic is to your tastes? From the same source as that NASA build comes this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles machine, completed with joysticks topped with 3D-printed TMNT heads.

Just like Paradox Arcade Systems' NASA cabinet, it's a lovingly crafted piece of gaming art. Again, it's made of maple plywood and laminated polycarbonite panels.

If the joysticks weren't enough, there's a three-inch trackball and if that's not enough, the LEDs are audio-reactive.

Audio-reactive? Yep.

Ignoring its seizure-inducing qualities, that's one pretty arcade cabinet.


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