Claims Of 'Lost Email' Are So Dumb

Claims of 'Lost Email' Are So Dumb

Briefly: If people don't reply to your email, it almost certainly didn't get lost. It's either you fault or theirs — not the internet's.

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    In an age or relentless spam and corporate spam filtering, there is actually a reasonable chance you never received an email through no fault of your own.....but yeah, mostly operator error.

      Absolutely. It's reasonably likely on a large mail service like gmail that have a large team of people working on spam filtering. It's far more likely on a poorly run mail service such as a resource strapped ISP or company.

      Definitely true. My ISP (Internode) has spam filtering that we never knew about until after we got the sender to resend thier email about 5 times.

      That doesn't mean you never received it, that means you received but was handled client side and moved elsewhere. The fact that the SPAM filter prevented you from seeing is the proof that you received it.

        Actually lots of ISPs have server side spam filtering not client side - like the Internode one that Grenge was referring to. I use them as well and recently changed the settings for it so that I'd at least get a regular email listing the spam trapped so I could check after the fact and make sure it hadn't picked up something legitimate by accident.

        Seems like a few ISPs run spam filtering without really telling their customers (or telling them in some fine print that most people miss).

          I guess lowest common denominator is that common internet uses are quite inept and dumb when it comes to online security so they probably force it upon all users as measure to avoid pointless SPAM customer services and such.

    No, this is wrong! Nothing I have done has ever been wrong! I don't care what I did, I didn't do it!

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