Casio's Sensor-Packed Android Wear Watch Can Survive The Outdoors Longer Than You

Casio's Sensor-Packed Android Wear Watch Can Survive the Outdoors Longer Than You

You probably grew up with a cheap Casio on your wrist, but the company's first Android Wear offering is a very different product. It's engineered to be tough enough for outdoor enthusiasts who need more than just notifications of Facebook likes. By no means as high-end as Tag Heuer's recently revealed $US1500 ($2125) Android Wear spectacle, the WSD-F10 is still part of a long line of Casio outdoors watches designed to thrive when the elements fight back. Not only is it water resistant to a depth of 50m, Casio has also ensured the WSD-F10 is spec'd to US Department of Defence MIL-STD-810 standards. If it can survive the levels of shock and vibration it would experience on a soldier's wrist, it will almost certainly survive a week spent in the woods.

Casio's Sensor-Packed Android Wear Watch Can Survive the Outdoors Longer Than You

When used as a traditional Android Wear watch, including a steady stream of social media notifications and swiping away at the WSD-F10's 1.32", 320x300 pixel touchscreen display, battery life is just over a day's use. But because the WSD-F10 is positioned as an accessory for outdoor types who may not be able to charge the watch for weeks, the wearable also features a dual layer display with a secondary monochrome LCD that can show a basic watch face for more than a month if used sparingly.

However, the extreme battery life of the WSD-F10's monochrome mode assumes you're no longer taking advantage of the wearable's air pressure, altitude, magnetic compass and other sensors that provide useful information on your progress, level of activity and even changing weather conditions. That extra functionality is made easy to access via the WSD-F10's dedicated "Tool" button that immediately brings up useful information including your direction, tide graphs and sunrise and sunset times.

Casio hasn't released pricing details for the WSD-F10 just yet, but expect it to be priced just north of the average Android Wear timepiece given the extra sensors packed inside, and the improved housing that keeps everything but your swipes and finger taps at bay.


Casio's Sensor-Packed Android Wear Watch Can Survive the Outdoors Longer Than You

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    Pebble's next product will pull the ruggedised right out from under this thing, just you watch.

    People losing their minds about smart watches. Been wearing a Suunto's for years.

    Interesting the different approach watch makers apply to their wearable tech. They make a watch and add the features that make sense for a watch and are usable.

    The phone manufactures seem to make a phone and then try squeeze it into a watch regardless of use case/usability.

    This all great fap-fodder for geeks, but the bottom-line with almost every "smart" watch is that it is only useful for those who can happily sit down at a desk to charge it at least daily. Even the best performing models need charging every two days, and that's based on the manufacturers idea of use, so in reality, a day and a bit of normal use.

    The reality is that "smart" watches are only of use to office types. Everyone else will just say "cool" and move on. At least until someone comes up with a model with at least a 4-day "claimed" life.

      Pebble doesn't count? Good to 50m, works fine with a wet screen, and gets a real week out of the battery.

      It even does the nonsense fitness and sleep tracking thing now, too.

        Yes but most of of their designs are butt ugly.

        Pebble/Steel, and time/steel is Water resistant to 50m.

        Though Round is only Splash resistant.

        Last edited 08/01/16 11:29 am

          I actually took my time diving in Fiji and it held up fine. I didn't go near 50m, but you certainly don't have to be precious with it.

          It also stood up to some cliff diving, which I thought would definitely toast the mic membrane.

      i recently bought a garmin vivoactive for the sake of fitness tracking, but it also comes with basic smart phone features.
      i can cancel or accept calls, i can view texts and emails and facebook notifications in basic form, i can set a default music program to operate which allows me to start spotify by pressing play and then change tracks and volume and pause and play. and it also gives me calendar notifications too.
      ive never been one for smart watches, but this has been an added bonus to my fitness tracking.
      on top of all this, i havnt charged it in its dock for about 2 weeks now and i have been using the fitness tracking functions as well as heart rate monitoring from my chest strap every few days over this time too.

    Casio's Sensor-Packed Android Wear Watch Can Survive The Outdoors Longer Than You:
    battery life is just over a day’s use....


      Indeed... Humans can survive without water for 3 days.
      This one can't survive one without a power point.

      May I also point out that Casio have an outdoor watch that recharges via the solar panel built into the watch face.
      This watch also has everything this new "smart" watch has... except the LCD face and social media streams.

      But if you are using the watch for outdoor activities... I would think social media streams would be the furthest thing in your mind.

      So I think I will stick with the Casio ProTrek thanks

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