Bathing In 227 Kilograms Of Liquid Glass Putty Is A Terrible Idea

Bathing in 227kg of Liquid Glass Putty Is a Terrible Idea

Video: The Liquid Glass Thinking Putty that Vat19 sells makes for a great desktop toy for those times when you don't feel like working. But as the folks at VAT19 discovered, the putty also makes for a terrible substitute for water when it comes to bathing. The ridiculous experiment involved filling a bathtub with 227kg of the crystal clear putty, and then having an unfortunate victim climb inside — or at least try to. Given how thick and viscous the putty was, it actually took quite a while for the unfortunate victim to sink to the bottom of the tub. And getting out? That was an even bigger challenge.

If you intend to try this experiment at home (you really shouldn't) whoever is doing the bathing will need to make sure they have shaved every last hair off of their body. And that includes their armpits, which the bather in Vat19's experiment unfortunately forgot to do. Just try and watch that video without wincing.

[Vat19 via Laughing Squid]

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