Australia Will Get Samsung Pay This Year

Samsung Pay, the company's competitor to Apple Pay and the contactless payment of your Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit card, is coming to Australia.

No release date has been announced, but the move was telegraphed by Samsung at its CES 2016 press conference in Las Vegas. Australia will be one of the first markets with Samsung Pay, joining Singapore, Brazil, the UK, Spain and China alongside the original launch market of the US.

Samsung Pay will also be available through the updated edition of Samsung's Gear S2 Classic smartwatch, which is being overhauled with integrated NFC to make payments possible from your wrist.

Campbell Simpson travelled to CES 2016 as a guest of Samsung.



    You wouldn't want a hardware/vendor agnostic NFC based payment scheme would you?

    Cool tech, but seems pointless to release it in a country that already uses NFC readers pretty much everywhere that accepts eftpos. Especially when Android Pay is already planned for Australia.

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