Apple Reportedly Building A Tool To Ease The Move From iOS To Android 

Apple Reportedly Building a Tool to Ease the Move From iOS to Android

Apple already has a tool that makes it easier to move to iOS, but it may someday have one to help you leave it too. At least that's according to a report from The Telegraph, which suggests that pressure from European carriers may force Apple to develop a "simple tool" to ease the switch.

The newspaper reports that carriers are "concerned that only a tiny fraction of customers ever move off the iPhone, in part because of the technical hassle of transferring data." Citing a senior industry source, it adds that Apple has "privately agreed" to develop what it calls a "simple tool" to help move data -- contacts, messages, photos and the like -- from their iPhone to an Android handset.

If he rumour's true, it would be somewhat of a departure for Apple. Its walled garden is particularly well designed to make it hard to escape the clutches of iOS and while it's happy to ease the process of arrival, it's never actively helped anyone to leave. The weight of an entire continent's carriers might be enough to twist its arm -- but that still feels like a big 'might.'

[Telegraph via 9to5mac]



    Typical Apple. copying the make-it-easy-to-stop-using-iDevices functionality that the Galaxy S2 had 6 years ago.


    Maybe the new iPhone will just be a piece of shit, that will help people move off

    You published this article after it was already proven to be wrong, keep up guys. Apple have actually commented on it -

    Here too:

    I'm pretty sure Apple would rather die in a ditch than assist anyone leaving their walled gulag. A bit like North Korea.

    What is actually needed are platform agnostic migration tools. If you wanted to legislate it should be along the lines of creating a standard import/export format that all mobiles could (and should) utilise. That way it wouldn't matter if you're going Apple->Android->Windows Mobile->Blackberry->whatever.

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