Aldi's Latest Social Media Campaign Couldn't Possibly Go Wrong

Ah, the good old "fill in the blank" twitter marketing. Getting your customers to engage with your brand is always a great idea, right? I can't possibly see a reason anyone would horse a problem with horse, what do you horse?

Update: Looks like this one was short-lived. The tweet has now been deleted.

Responses so far include:

And of course, of course:



    Masturbating .... Com'on! who didn't think of that first.

      "when I tasted masturbating for the first time"

      That doesn't seem right...

    Bugger they just deleted that tweet. And presumably the person you dreamt it up

    This should be responded to entirely in CAH white cards.

    Anyone photoshooped one yet?

    Aldi getting free publicity with many of their customers having a laugh. gee this campaign went terribly for them ........ i'm more interested to know how long it took their marketing team to think of just the right wording to post so they won't get any backlash.

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