A Clothes Drying Hanger Saves You Time

A Clothes Drying Hanger Saves You a Trip to the Laundromat

You can quickly wash a soiled shirt in your bathroom sink, but if you don't have a clothes dryer in your apartment you can forget about wearing it right away. Hanging it to dry takes hours, unless the hanger you're using is actually this compact clothes dryer from Thanko.

A Clothes Drying Hanger Saves You a Trip to the Laundromat

The vast majority of Thanko's catalogue usually leaves us rolling our eyes, but it's easy to see why this electric hanger, which sends a gentle blast of warm air down through a hanging garment, could be genuinely useful.

A Clothes Drying Hanger Saves You a Trip to the Laundromat

You just snap on a pair of ventilating arms, slip it into a garment, turn it on and instead of waiting hours for evaporation to do its thing, you can dry a shirt, pants or almost any article of clothing in a matter of minutes.

A Clothes Drying Hanger Saves You a Trip to the Laundromat

The $74 hanger also comes with a swappable pair of articulated arms designed to quickly dry a pair of boots from the inside. But if you've got a shirt or jacket with long arms that aren't quite getting dry, there's no reason you couldn't use this accessory for a few minutes to direct the warm blast where you need it to be.

[Thanko via The Red Ferret Journal]



    Great now i just need to buy 40 of them for $3000 and never hang out in the sun again!

      OR repurpose a cheap heat gun (or hair-drier, but a heat gun is more robust, even an old PC fan, a small element / old CPU .. easy.), some (not PVC) plastic tubing and make a multi-shirt drying rack for the (damp) closet.

      OR just spend the $3000, move to an apartment with no balcony and save on rent, avoid maintaining a yard, which is only useful for hanging clothes.... win win win. yay..

      Last edited 17/01/16 4:39 pm

        Good idea on the multi-rack. We dont live in asia though mate, nothing beats a nice backyard and a cool breeze... plus the dog needs somewhere to pee and poop.

          Mayte, I was just being Facetious. Thinking of all the ways a city bound yuppy might benefit.... gotta save at $74 per unit.

          Of course I have a yard garden, lawn and a sea breeze to enjoy....

          Oh the dog.. don'h you have a litter tray for your 46th floor apartment, lol.

          Last edited 19/01/16 12:36 am

            If i can afford it I'll rent a 2 bedroom apartment on the 46th floor, turn the 2nd bedroom into a litter room for the dog and cat. With that sort of space could probs get a couple more pets and still have space for our 1 male child.

    I wonder if this works for non-iron shirts as opposed to shoving them in the tumble dryer where they tend to get wrinkled.

    how would it go with jumpers?
    There's a concern that the weight of a wet jumper on a coathanger may cause it to stretch.
    I dimly recall my mother would thread an old stocking through the sleeves on a clothesline to spread the weight.

      its for shirtsand jackets (incl, "pullovers", ...

      for knitted jumpers get a proper "jumper hanger" you can't rush the drying for a woolen jumper or it shrinks/stretches, goes all weird..

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