10 Movies Based On A True Story That Had Different Endings In Real Life

10 Movies Based on a True Story That Had Different Endings in Real Life

Video: When movies are based on a true story, every movie-goer above the age of 12 knows that movie studios have no intention of actually telling the true story. Things are sensationalised, characters are fictionalised, and the movie ends up looking nothing like real life. But what is interesting is that after the movie ends, that screen of text which pops up before the credits telling us what the real life characters are doing now is expected to be treated with a little more seriousness. Of course, that's not true. Things are purposefully tweaked to heighten a happy ending or purposefully left out to hide the ugly truth. Like how Titanic charged its drowned employees' families for fees relating their uniform, or how Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street didn't serve anywhere close to his sentence or pay back all of his fines. Here's ScreenRants' full list:

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