Watch This Player Obliterate Battlefield 4 Servers With His Chopper Skills

RussianPaladin isn't a well-known streamer. He's got about 110 people watching him right now. But holy crap, if he doesn't play like one of the best helicopter pilots in the world.

Weaving through low cliffs, flying into buildings before taking everyone out and escaping, dodging AA while taking on other choppers, this guy does it all. With some liquid Drum n Bass in the background, and those little thumbstick extenders for extra sensitivity, he goes from kill to kill to kill, and aims for something like 1,000 chopper kills a day. Though apparently his top is 293 kills in one game. I've seen pros play before, but seeing this guy on a roll is something else.

Check it out here. He often does 12 hour sessions, so if he's awake, there's a good chance he's streaming. It's kind of a wonder he doesn't have more followers, but it looks like he's had his hardware supplied at least.


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