Watch A Woman's Face Transform Into Art With Awesome Live Face Projection Mapping

Watch a woman's face transform into art with awesome live face projection mapping

Video: Here's a really cool art project that transformed Kat Von D into a living sculpture that's constantly changing. The effects were done with facial recognition software and live projection mapping and it's always so impressive how quickly the technology adapts and creates art. Some if it is really beautiful, some of it is really haunting, all of it is great. Wildbytes writes:

First-ever real-time face tracking and projection mapping performed at a live event, on stage. ALL images recorded live, No post-production added.

A live / real-time face projection mapping event where 3D rendered images were projected over Kat Von D's face, following accurately her movements. Custom software and a high-end tracking system were used to track her body movements and adapt the projection content in real-time to her torso, neck and face. Original music composition played live by a string quartet.

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