This Plug-In Puts Google Drive Inside Microsoft Office

This Plug-In Puts Google Drive Inside Microsoft Office

The office suite wars continue apace. If you use Microsoft Office on the desktop, you'll know Redmond's engineers are very keen for you to turn to OneDrive for all your cloud storage and syncing needs. But a new plug-in brings Google Drive into the mix, too. Here's how to get it up and running on your Windows PC.

First, head here for the download link. The setup routine only takes a couple of seconds (as long as Office isn't currently running) and the next time you launch Microsoft's productivity juggernaut there's a screen prompting you to enter your Google account credentials.

This Plug-In Puts Google Drive Inside Microsoft Office

Your Google Drive account appears as an option on the Open screen whenever you visit it -- follow the link to see recent documents and browse through your files. Note however that this plug-in is designed for files in the native Office format stored in your Google Drive rather than documents, sheets and presentations created in the Google Drive formats.

If you try and open a Drive-native file you get kicked out to a web browser, but open an Office file stored in Drive and you can make edits and save them seamlessly. You can also save new files to Google Drive in Office format, should you need to. It should make life easier for those committed to both Office on the desktop and Drive on the web.



    There's another good Google Drive plugin called SyncDocs. It allows you to edit files in Microsoft Word and collaborate in real-time with others editing the same document in Google Docs.

    Google Drive is horrible for managing files :|
    We use it at work and it's frustrating due to a bunch of little quirks that I've never seen with OneDrive or DropBox.

    But the collaboration features are nice. We use spreadsheets for a few things where multiple people (only talking up to 4 people) need access and it works well enough.

      Can you go into further detail of he little quirks that Google Drive has that aren't in OneDrive or Dropbox?

        Google Drive seems far more picky about file syncing.
        I quite often end up with a file that just will NOT sync no matter what I try, and the only way to fix it is to move it from GD to somewhere else (i.e. desktop) then rename the file and move it back.

        Every now and then I also believe files disappear without a trace - it actually feels like I'm losing my mind at times :O but I've never noticed anything like that with OneDrive.

        I also find renaming files on GD a pain in the butt. I'll double click, to rename it and that works, so I'll click the spot where I want to start editing the name and then type away, only a split second later it flashes and highlights the whole file name and replaced it with the last 3-4 characters I'd typed so I have to press 'esc' to cancel and try again (granted, this issue is MUCH better these days, but still occurs from time to time)

        I haven't used Drop Box for a long time, but when I did I never had any issues with it. I'll probably give DropBox another go soon actually since I've been meaning to check it out for a while.

        I currently use OneDrive, but honestly Microsoft are starting to make my skin crawl with their incompetence and misguided goals (xbox one, their horrid attempt at integrating touch in windows, their bridge between desktop and tablet, windows 10's spotty nature, their misguided attempts at copying Apple's 'simplicity' by just deleting features rather than actually thinking how to improve usability), or their divided structure where each part of the company has no concept of what the others are up to, etc). While I've never really thought Microsoft were amazing, I at least thought they had a little sense and were slowly heading in a decent direction, at least that was until a few years ago... now I just think we're totally doomed. :|

        *fantasy mode*
        If I had a squillion I'd start my own company and create something completely detached from MS\Google\Apple; a system designed for usability and flexibility while ensuring everything was designed to be easy. I'd try to ensure all aspects are considered and not just rush things outs... I'd like to kill of the crappy legacy programs and focus on creating flexible built-in tools that allow control and cross-flow. More of an API underneath, so multiple programs could access a feature without the creator actually having to build their own version just for their app.

        Obviously running a business is hard and money is a key aspect, but leaving it to the current monkeys, who are purely focused on building profit for the shareholders is not in humanities best interest. While the smart ones (i.e. apple) will build things that appeal to their customers, ultimately all of their actions are aimed at generating more profit, they are not doing it for the customer.

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