This Low-Flying 747 Is Really A Flawless 5.5-Metre Long RC Model

This Low-Flying 747 Is Really a Flawless 5m Long RC Model

RC aircraft builders strive for extreme accuracy in their scaled-down versions of real-life planes. And what looks like one of Virgin Atlantic's 747-400s doing a low-pass fly-by is actually an 5m long RC model of the airliner built and piloted by Adi Pitz.

Even with Adi and some members of the ground crew in the foreground, it's still hard to believe that 747 is just a model, but watching the video below of its takeoff and landing reveals its true scale.

Powered by four turbine engines each churning out around 14kg of thrust, the 1:13-scale version of the 747-400 still has a wingspan of 5m. But thanks to a fuselage made mostly of foam and lightweight woods, Adi's 747 weighs just 68kg — a far cry from the real thing that can weigh as much as 439,984kg at takeoff.

As enjoyable as it is to watch Adi's creation take to the skies in this video, it's also extremely nerve-racking knowing that it took him around 2,000 hours to build. One slip-up at the controls, or an unexpected cross-wind when landing, could reduce this masterpiece to a pile of shattered foam and splintered lumber. [YouTube via Likecool]

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