The World's Smallest Camera Quadcopter

Don't be fooled by the small package — the Cheerson CX-10C Quadcopter is a lot of drone for around $65. It's the little drone that could, packing a camera that surprisingly isn't terrible, and capable of trick flying.

Around a year ago, we had drones this size. But they didn't have cameras on them - they were purely toys. This thing, however, could feasibly get you footage that you may actually want to keep and use. It does have some drawbacks, such as the flight time being less than three minutes while recording, as the video above mentions. But in other areas it excels.

As you can see from the footage above, the footage captured by the CX-10C isn't all that bad. It makes a heck of a lot of noise while doing so, but that might actually be a blessing in disguise, seeing as it won't take too much distance for this thing to not be visible anymore. God forbid a gust of wind comes along.

Thankfully, Australian law won't require you to have a license for such a toy. But given its size and range, the hobbyist guideline about keeping your distance from people might be a problem. Especially as people see this as mainly an "inside" drone. It is technically a drone, but being fined for having this thing within 30 metres of someone would be a bit harsh.

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