Origin Energy Australia Wants To Sell You A Tesla Powerwall

Origin Energy, one of Australia's largest energy companies and a leader in renewables, has opened orders for Tesla Powerwall batteries and matching rooftop solar panel systems, with deliveries expected to begin in February next year.

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Origin already has 400,000 out of its 4.3 million customers around Australia using solar energy. The AFR reports that an entry-level Origin system will start at just over $16,000, with Trina solar panels and a SolarEdge inverter, with orders opening today through its website. Installations will start within a couple of months, although smaller competitors have a head start.

The Powerwall is initially targeted at early adopters, both by Tesla and by Origin, with Origin's chief executive officer of energy markets Frank Calabria telling Gizmodo that "home batteries will not be for everyone at this early stage, but with more than 80 per cent of solar PV owners in a recent survey indicating they would consider buying a home battery," that the company was confident it would have strong interest in the product.

Whether combined with solar photovoltaic power generation on users' rooftops or running standalone and drawing power from the national electricity grid, a battery energy storage system like the Powerwall can be charged either from free solar or from low-tariff off-peak grid energy, lowering a customer's overall energy costs and leveling out consumer demand from energy companies, allowing electricity generators to cut peak generation -- which varies by up to 5000 megawatts between low-demand spring and autumn and high-demand summer and winter seasons. [Origin Energy]

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    Fuck that. For that price I could fly to America, buy the batteries and ship them here, then buy solar panels and get it all fitted and still have thousands left to spare.

      Could you actually do that as a experiment to see if that is true.

      Show us your numbers.

        US price of the power wall is 3000, converted to aus dollars equals 4114. Return flight to US is 1200. Solar panels is 3500, installation 600, shipping cost 1000. Overnight stay in US and food is 250.
        Total cost 10,664 dollars.
        There you go.

          Though you haven't taken into account the fact that you need to ship it back with you. Leaving aside the fact that airlines don't take too kindly to having a 100kg potentially explosive package on board, you'd be shelling out several thousands more to fly it back with you (assuming the airline lets you, and assuming you're willing to let the baggage handlers go near it..
          *maybe* you could organise for it to be shipped out separately, but I doubt you could achieve that in a day, not to mention needing to pay additional taxes when it reaches customs.

            and dont forget warranty, insurance, installation and all the other hidden cost he's not account for.

            I added shipping cost and while you're correct in saying it would cost a fortune to fly it over (honestly doubt the airlines would touch it because it could explode) you would need to ship it over and I included that price. (Although I didn't, couldn't find accurate shipping cost, I guesstimated the cost and erred on the higher side. ) Shipping takes longer but far far cheaper than by plane.

        I've posted a breakdown of the cost in the below post. To say you the hassle of trying to figure it out, you save almost 5 thousand dollars. Just googled all the prices so you can double check if you like.

          Haha, they called you out and you still came in huge.. +1 for being an epic lad

      What happens when something goes wrong...
      Call out Fee - $110+
      Removal of Unit - $600
      Option A
      Repair costs in Australia currently unkown..
      Option B
      Freight back to US $1000
      American company - You've used this product outside of the product recommendations...
      warranty void - fuck you - $4114

      .... Total cost... More then buying it in Australia...

        It's a battery. Chances are nothing will go wrong with it and I'm assuming they've been tested at the factory under quality control.

      I object to these being sold through Origin too.
      This is supposed to revolutionize the way we use and save on renewable energy - and the first thing I do is fork over the price of a car to one of the existing big energy providers?
      What comes after that? What's Origin's plan to keep making money off me?

    No you couldn't.

      I've just posted the breakdown of the cost in the above comment.

    Gotta store all that energy they "make fresh everyday".

    I personally didn't want to go with Origin Energy for my Solar Panels. Natural Solar seems to be offering the Tesla Powerwall as well. More information for anyone interested here: https://naturalsolar.com.au/tesla-energy-powerwall/powerwall-tesla-home-battery/

    trina panels are crud 14-16% efficiency they are the polycrystaline ones.
    you want mono crystalline panels will get you around 20% efficiency

    Great Gizmodo is now a shill for one of the worst price overinflaters in the country...

    Well done Elon/Tesla you have pretty much guaranteed one of the slowest uptakes of technology in Australia. Considering your ideologies that's saying something.

    Love your work pepee63.

    As a former Origin customer I can guarantee there will be a catch in there somewhere. Make sure you read ALL the fine print. I was looking at their solar panel leasing option and it said if i didn't use up ALL the energy I generated it would cost me (while they get free power from me). Doesn't add up.

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