NSW Dopily Dabbles In Reefer Madness, And Gives Birth To Stoner Sloth

The New South Wales Department of Premier of Cabinet has a new video campaign to deter our fragile youths from the horrors of marijuana, and many can't tell if it's satire or not.

The campaign takes a slightly comical approach, eschewing the gritty nature of ads about harder drugs like meth — though if they were to go the latter route, that in itself would have been funny, too. As it stands, the overstatement of both inability to function and disgust from peers has led many to wonder if this is all a big joke. As Mashable reported, though, it isn't a joke at all. It's credited and traced back to the NSW DPC.

Ironically, this is exactly the type of so-bad-it's-good video stoners would love to watch and laugh at. It also comes across as slightly tonedeaf — while marijuana is illegal in New South Wales, this is a time when our thoughts on the drug are progressing. Victoria has legalised medicinal use, NSW is undergoing clinical trials, and federally, the plant can be grown to support our increasing legitimate uses.

One has to wonder how much money was spent on what will at best be a punchline for when people drop their glass in the pub. From "Taxi!", to "Uber!", and now "Stonersloth!"

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