Netflix Is Now A Universal Windows App

Netflix Is Now A Universal Windows App

Netflix was one of the apps it was worth knowing about on Windows 10. Now it has expanded its functionality to include Cortana, and has restructured itself as a Universal Windows Platform app that will work on tablets and smartphones as well.

Australia is included in its list of included countries, so you should be able to get Netflix on your desktop or tablet either now or within a week, with the Windows Phone version coming “in the near future”.

If you don’t want to start using the new scrolling and Live Tile functionality, preferring to scream at your screen, you can now start badgering Cortana:

You can issue commands like “Cortana, launch Netflix” or “Netflix, find ‘House of Cards.’” Other Cortana commands include “Netflix Search ‘House of Cards’”, “Netflix Look for ‘House of Cards’” and more.

Cortana, stop showing me the same show in every row!

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