NASA Releases The Best Photos Of Pluto We've Ever Seen

We now have a strip of the highest resolution photos of Pluto that we'll have for a long time, with more expected over the next few days.

Bit by bit, New Horizons has been sending us data from its recent trip to Pluto. But unlike those neverending albums your parents put up of their trips, we're all actually on the edge of our seats to see these up close and personal vaycay pics. This latest batch is the best quality that we're going to see, although there are more of them coming — around 60% are still on the spacecraft, waiting to be transferred.

What you're looking at is about 77-85 metres per pixel, captured arond 17,000 km above the surface. You can go here if you want the full, insanely high resolution image that you can zoom into, or, the video below kind of does it for you:

NASA says this might be the best view of Pluto that we get for decades. The good news is, "the science we can do with these images is simply unbelievable."

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