How Much Would It Cost Santa To Give Every Child A Present?

How Much Would It Cost Santa To Give Every Child A Present?

Only one more sleep until Christmas and there’s one man who has a busy night ahead of him: Old Saint Nick. Assuming Santa Claus had to let go of all his elf staff (because it was effectively slave labour), how much would it cost him to buy all the presents he needs to deliver to all the kids around the world? We find out.

Santa Claus has calculated the cost of buying and delivering every kid in the world a present. Based on UN population data, there are around 1.6 billion children under 14 years of age on Santa’s Naughty or Nice list. worked out the cost per present if Santa were to spend around the same amount of money for every child. The site then went ahead and worked out the equivalent cost per child in all the countries using the consumer price index to find out how much each present would cost.

The total bill came in at $57 billion. We don’t know where Santa is getting all that money.

The most expensive country for Santa to give out presents is Switzerland at $100.46 per child. You can hover over the different countries on the interactive map to find out the cost per child per country.