Foxtel Go Now Works On All Android Devices

Foxtel Go Now Works On All Android Devices

Long, long ago, in the before times, Foxtel Go was only available to Android users with a Samsung smartphone. Now, Go subscribers will be able to watch Foxtel on any Android device with Jellybean 4.1 and above.

If you have normal Foxtel subscription or the digital Foxtel Play, then you already have access to Foxtel Go, which allows you to watch content on your mobile. And now, you can say that last sentence without the major caveat it used to come with.

According to Foxtel:

“From today, Foxtel Residential and Foxtel Play subscribers can watch their favourite movies and TV shows* on any Android device running Android Jellybean 4.1 and above. The new Foxtel Go update for Android also includes support for Android M.”

The service is also available on iDevices, provided you have an iPad 2 or above, or an iPhone 4 or above.

Now if it would kindly make Foxtel Play a HD service so I can make out the names on the back of Premier League jerseys, that would be great.