Every Place In The World That Has Banned Hoverboards

Every Place in the World That Has Banned Hoverboards

Do you love your hoverboard? They have become so popular, you'd think they could actually hover. Well, enjoy them while you can, because everyone seems to be banning them — from the smallest universities to entire countries. Below, we have a comprehensive list of every place in the world that has explicitly banned hoverboards. We expect this list to grow over the next year.

Airlines (all)

Athens, Ohio (pending)


Cleveland, Ohio

Dubai, UAE

George Washington University

Humble, Texas

Los Angeles, California

Minneapolis, Minnesota

New South Wales, Australia

New York City, New York

Ocean City, Maryland

Salve Regina University, Rhode Island

United Kingdom

University of Arkansas

University of Findlay, Ohio

If we've missed some place, don't be shy about letting us know in the comments.

Happy hoverboarding! (While you still can.)

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